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Facing the Future

November 28, 2010

This morning I’ve been thinking about some of the guys in my life.  Guys I hold in my heart.  Guys who have been through a lot over the last year.  Guys who have shown their quality.

I was thinking about how we might face the future, which at times feels ambiguous, and even cause for fear.   We have questions like:

Who am I?  What should I do with my life?  Who are we?  Who is God?  What is God doing with all this?  Are things going to fall apart?  What is our center?

I have a few suggested answers as we face the future.   Suggested, because I cannot force anyone to take me seriously. Answers because I believe there is a God out there, who is not quiet about himself, or the world he put is in.  None of them will come as a shock.  But they still might be helpful.

1.  You are a man created in God’s image.  Though you are broken, you still show signs of his image.

2.  You are God’s, and if you are God’s you answer to him, and yet you are held by Him.

3.   Jesus Christ is King.  The  future, is held by him, including yours.

4.  If you are Christ’s, nothing can separate you from Him.

5.  You are apart of God’s Story.  “The word was good, the world is fallen, the world will be redeemed.”  This is the story you are being caught up in.

6. You are a part of the Kings progeny.  His family.  He will not abandon you.  He will not abandon his bride.  No matter the hell on earth that comes.  He can be trusted.

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