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A Little Wendell Berry For Your Day…

May 6, 2011
An old man, who has been on many days
a man of the woods, has come again
to this place where three streams join, where
once he sat in his pleasure under the tall trees
and the world’s light shone from every leaf,
where now a great wind has blown, and he
alone is still upright, his old companions
all broken and brought down. It is the place
of endings he has come to, of the world’s end
that is always near, always here. “Farewell,”
he says, “Welcome,” he says. For it is the place
also of the world’s beginning, ever here, for here
there is again a living darkness underfoot,
a small wind is moving farther into time, and here
he is, astir among the fallen.
This poem is from his book of poetry, Given. 


From → Poetry

  1. Great poem. The lines seemed to flow well

  2. ntowers permalink

    Yes Damian! Wendell Berry is great. His stories and poems are vivid, and make me wish I were off in the wild.

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